26 tires are displayed sequentially, and the trailer can be changed automatically

Short Description:

Price: EX-WORK price, Does not include taxes.  All required installation materials and accessories are complete

Materials: Monitor: ABS+PC

Sensor: NYLON/Glass Fiber+ phosphor copper/brass;

Main chip: NXP+Microchip

Delivery time: Depending on the order quantity 2-15 days, large order shipments are communicated in advance.

Warranty: 15 months from the date of leaving the factory

Payment Term: 30~40%Deposit, balance before shipment.

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Dimensions  13.5cm( length )*6.5cm( width )*2.2cm( height )
Display interface LCD screen (26 wheels alone display)
Receiver port Normal power, ACC input and RS232 output
Machine weight (excluding packaging) 230g±5g
Abnormal self-recovery Toggle Switches
(Disconnect the external power and then push switch turns the system power restart)
Working temperature -30-85℃
Power supply mode Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and external power supply Interface
voltage Truck power 24V, ACC24V
Built-in battery voltage 3.5V-4.2V
Bright working current 12mA
Black working current (for data communication) 4.5mA
Standby current ≤100uA
Reception sensitivity -95dbm
( Freight car series26tyre) Receiver (5)


13.5cm (length)

*6.5cm (width)

*2.2cm (height)




Display the air pressure and temperature of up to 26 tires in turn

Power cord 3.5M  (3.5M data line output RS232 signal/non-standard configuration)

Support OEM, ODM project

♦ 100% quality testing for every finished products before delivery;

♦ Professional Aging testing room for aging testing.

♦ Professional function testing for every process.

♦ One years warranty service for all products.

( Freight car series26tyre) Receiver (2)


● FST display screen The numbers on the display screen can be clearly seen under strong light

● Wide temperature lithium battery PIC high grade, more power and longer life

● The buzzer sound reaches 90db

● Shell ABS+BC material can withstand -40-120 range of shell thickening bearing capacity better

● Integrated base: The Angle of the display can be adjusted by itself. Two installation modes are provided: 3M glue or tapping screws

● Optional pressure mode (PSi, Bar) and temperature unit setting (℃, ℉)

● Built-in polymer battery facilitates detection and maintenance of the short-term tractor

● Standard automotive electronic products power access: ACC/B+/GND Parking can also monitor data in real time

● Standard 232 interface formats are available for various integrations

● The 3.5-meter power cord can be used in various environments inside the car

● Optional 232 data cable Support customized data cable

( Freight car series26tyre) Receiver (8)
( Freight car series26tyre) Receiver (9)
( Freight car series26tyre) Receiver (7)

26-Wheel Display

● Large characters of air pressure and temperature, support up to 26 tires uninterrupted display;

● The buzzer alarm sound ≥ 80dB to ensure the alarm reminder demand in noisy environment;

● 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring to ensure that all abnormal tires are recorded at all times;

● Always have 6 kinds of alarm content, fast air leakage alarm, high air pressure alarm, low air pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, sensor low power alarm, sensor failure alarm, and master the tire situation;

● According to the vehicle's own situation, the car owner can set the high-pressure alarm threshold, low-pressure alarm threshold and high-temperature alarm threshold to ensure the timeliness of the alarm;

● The photosensitive chip supports automatic lighting of the screen in dark environments;

● LCD positive display screen, regardless of the intensity of ambient light, can be clearly seen under strong light;

● Automatic replacement of the connection of tractor and trailer (local and remote background are replaced at the same time), effectively solving 1 (tractor) to N hanging tails, especially suitable for fleet use;

● Optional RS232 data output function, can integrate different host or intermediate equipment to form the vehicle networking system components;

● It can provide cloud remote data integration or TPMS+GPS (4G) + remote PC (mobile phone) monitoring;

● Passed the US FCC and EU CE radio certification, and passed the EU ROHS certification;

● Support customized RS232 terminals for access to vehicle host integration;

● Support customization of different protocols and software;

● Warranty: 15 months from the date of shipment

● Payment term: 30~40% deposit, balance before delivery.

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