A wheel crack detection device based on vortex flu response


On March 01, 2023, EGQ obtained the invention patent authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office of China on "a wheel crack detection device based on vortex flu response".

This patent is an effective practice of the company advocating technological innovation and technological innovation, comprehensively improving the service level of the company's provision of commercial vehicle safety products, effectively improving the safety technology control of tires, and has high practical value.

For a long time, EGQ's technicians have been committed to the improvement of active safety products for commercial vehicles and the research of factory technology; Carry out the research and development, production and service of automotive electronic products such as "TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)" and "cloud application", covering bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles, motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, engineering vehicles, gantry cranes, self-propelled mobile platforms, ropeway cars, special vehicles, inflatable ships, inflatable life-saving equipment and other series. At the same time, it has two common radio transmission forms of RF series and Bluetooth series. The acquisition of this invention patent is the result of the R&D personnel further optimizing the performance of the product by discussing and adjusting the design of software, hardware, structure and materials.

With the continuous investment in scientific research in recent years, EGQ has actively carried out technological innovation and introduced a patent reward system, which has stimulated the enthusiasm of personnel to declare technical achievements; Up to now, the company has 30 valid patents and 3 copyrights, including 1 invention patent.

After having a certain number of patent inventory, these patent achievements have accumulated forward momentum for the future development of EGQ, further improved the scientific and technological content of the company's products, enhanced the stability of products, improved the core competitiveness of products, and provided strong scientific and technological support for the redevelopment of EGQ.

Post time: May-31-2023