Engineering vehicles, cranes, mining vehicles, dock lift vehicles 12V1 external sensors

Short Description:

Price: EX-WORK price, Does not include taxes.  All required installation materials and accessories are complete

Materials: Monitor: ABS+PC

Sensor: NYLON/Glass Fiber+ phosphor copper/brass;

Main chip: NXP+Microchip

Delivery time: Depending on the order quantity 2-15 days, large order shipments are communicated in advance.

Warranty: 15 months from the date of leaving the factory

Payment Term: 30~40%Deposit, balance before shipment.

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Φ2.4cm(diameter)*2cm( height )

Plastic parts material

Nylon + glass fiber

Metal part material


Shell temperature resistance


Thread Size

12V1 internal thread(customizable)

Machine weight (excluding packaging)


Power supply mode

Button Battery

Battery model


Battery capacity


Working voltage


Transmit current


Self-test current


Sleep current


Sensor working temperature


Transmit frequency


Transmit power


Waterproof rating


Battery working life

2 year

Weight of sensor

Professional Engineering supplies technical supporting.

Type Digital
Voltage 12
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name tiremagic
Model Number C
Warranty 12 Months
Certification-1 CE
Certification-2 FCC
Certification-3 RoHS
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Authentication certificate


OTR EXTERNAL Sensor01 (4)

TPMS Features

Each sensor has a unique ID code the position of the tire can function interchangeably


sensor: 20x Φ24




12V1 valve screw thread

Support OEM, ODM project

♦ 100% quality testing for every finished products before delivery;

♦ Professional Aging testing room for aging testing.

♦ Professional function testing for every process.

♦ One years warranty service for all products

OTR EXTERNAL Sensor01 (3)


● Imported chips (NXP)

● Imported battery (Panasonic 1632) use time fixed number of life more than 2 years

● 1.5mm grade A thick glass fiber board PCB using Japanese thousand column solder paste lead free halogen number containing 3% silver

● DTK inductor Murata capacitor

● Shell nylon + glass fiber strength is higher -50 ~ 150℃

● IP67 grade waterproof

● 12V1 screw specification

● Battery of sensor can be replaced

● Locking design for external sensor/internal sensor

● Save fuel and reduce emissions

● Reduce wear & extend tire life

● Super long working lifespan, quality assurance.

OTR EXTERNAL Sensor01 (8)
OTR EXTERNAL Sensor01 (9)
OTR EXTERNAL Sensor01 (10)

OTR sensor

● The use of equilateral 16mm hexagonal structure brass base, easy to install, not easy to corrode;

● The plastic shell adopts nylon + 30% glass fiber, which can resist strong external impact;

● The sensor size is moderate, which effectively reduces the scratching of the sensor on the road in the mining area;

● The use of 12V1 inner screw teeth is suitable for special vehicles in engineering categories such as mine transport vehicles and lifting vehicles;

● It can be easily installed by itself, which greatly reduces the installation cost;

● Lightweight design (full weight 17g±1g), effectively reduce the load of the valve, and use more worry-free;

● EPDM rubber material is used as an airtight part, which is more durable;

● IP67 waterproof design to meet the needs of wading work;

● The positive electrode of the cell adopts manual welding, which effectively increases the contact area between the button cell and the +- and -pole cells, and has adaptability to the strong vibration environment;

● For different use environments, the most reasonable tire high and low air pressure alarm threshold can be set by factory settings

● After installation, it can effectively reduce tire abnormal wear and effectively save fuel* (*National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data);

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