What’s the Best way to monitor tire pressure for safety?

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With the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of automobile safety, tire pressure monitoring function has been paid more attention by more people, and tire pressure monitoring has been forced to become a standard part of cars/trucks. So the same tire pressure monitoring, a total of what types, and what are their characteristics?

tire pressure monitoring system for short "TPMS", is the abbreviation of "tire pressure monitoring system". This technology can automatically monitor various conditions of tires in real time by recording tire speed or installing electronic sensors in tires, which can provide effective safety guarantee for driving.

According to the monitoring form, tire pressure monitoring system can be divided into passive and active. Passive tire pressure monitoring system, also known as WSBTPMS, needs to compare the speed difference between tires through the wheel speed sensor of ABS anti-lock braking system of automobile tire pressure monitoring, in order to achieve the purpose of tire pressure monitoring. When the tire pressure is reduced, the weight of the vehicle will make the tire diameter smaller, the speed and the number of tire turns will change, so as to remind the owner to pay attention to the lack of tire pressure.

Passive tire pressure monitoring system uses ABS system and wheel speed sensor to monitor tire pressure, so there is no need to install a separate sensor, stronger stability and reliability, lower cost, so it is widely used. But the disadvantage is that it can only monitor tire pressure changes, and can not monitor the accurate value, in addition to the alarm time will be delayed.

Active tire pressure monitoring system is also known as PSBTPMS, PSBTPMS is the use of pressure sensors installed on the tire to measure the pressure and temperature of the tire, the use of wireless transmitter or wire harness to send pressure information from the inside of the tire to the central receiver module of the system, and then the tire pressure data display.

The active tire pressure monitoring system displays tire pressure in real time, so it can be monitored regardless of whether the vehicle is in a static or dynamic environment, with no time delay. Due to the need for a separate sensor module, so it is more expensive than passive tire pressure monitoring, generally used in the middle and high-end models.

Active tire pressure monitoring is divided into built-in and external two types according to the installation form. Built-in tire pressure monitoring device is installed inside the tire, more accurate reading, not prone to damage. The active tire pressure monitoring equipped with the original state of the vehicle is built in, if you want to install it later, it is more complicated.

External sensor

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Internal sensor

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The external tire pressure monitoring device is installed in the position of the tire valve. It is relatively cheap, easy to remove and convenient to replace the battery. However, it is exposed to the risk of theft and damage for a long time. Later installed tire pressure monitoring system is generally external, the owner can easily install.

In the choice of tire pressure monitoring, active tire pressure monitoring must be better, because once the tire gas loss, can be issued in the first time. And passive tires even if the prompt, also can not accurately display the value, and if the loss of gas is not obvious, but also need the owner one by one wheel inspection.

If your car is only equipped with passive tire pressure monitoring, or even no tire pressure monitoring, then as a general owner, the choice of external tire pressure monitoring is enough, now the external tire pressure monitoring components have anti-theft Settings, as long as the thief is not looking at you for a long time, shoplifting will not happen.

Tire pressure monitoring function is related to our safe driving, the owner friends must pay

extra attention to the role of tire pressure monitoring function, if your car is older, has not this function, then it is best to buy some simple and good installation of the auxiliary factory products, to avoid tire problems in the process of driving.

Post time: Apr-13-2023